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Whether you are planning to take a road trip or book flight tickets to your next destination as per your travel bucket list, but make sure you dressed to the nine all along your trip. Well, you need not wear an outfit which demands compromise on comfort but there is no harm in honouring the glamour of travel!

There is another world which of clothes between formal wear and pyjamas, which make you, looks edgy without moving out of your comfort zone. They will make you snuggle in your seat in your two- or twelve-hour journey and will also leave an everlasting first impression when you will set your first feet on the land of your destination.

Take a cue from the following 5 pretty-cozy outfits and add a pinch of glamour to your comfortable journey. So, before you put your car in the first gear or check-in at the airport, do pay a visit to your wardrobe or nearby shopping mall!

  1. Roads are calling you

When you do backpacking for your road trip next time, do not ditch a pair of shorts and a simple round-neck or cut-sleeve t-shirt. With them, you can remain seated as long as you want and do not have to move back and forth after every few minutes to stretch your legs. The outfit will give you enough space and make your journey flexible.

  1. Choo-Choo-Choo

Yeah, you guessed it right, that’s the voice (noise) of the train. Amidst this eardrum rupturing sound, long queues, and cramped seats of the train, the sole thing which can bring you to an ease is a relaxing outfit. The right pair of clothes will keep you fresh by making room for air for your body. Apparels which are soft and airy always come handy in such situation. Travel skirts are best option to choose from and they could be mini, midi or maxi.

  1. # Airport Look

If you do not want to limp while covering the half-mile trek to the end of the terminal or blame the airport security for ruining your style when they make you to strip-down, then you can pair a silk blend top with a technical trouser or an overall will also put you at ease. However, when it comes to footwear, favour a slip on loafer or a zip boot (where more warmth is required).

  1. In case of a stop-over

Too many stop-overs can make even a short journey never ending. To make sure that these stop-over doesn’t weigh heavy on your shoulders, you can wear a long t-shirt or a sweatshirt if you feel rigidness due to lack of movement. Accompany them with a pair of jeans and you are good-to-go.

  1. From warm land to cold land or vice-versa

You must keep a tap on the weather of the destination and it might also change duri8ng the journey. You can always begin your journey with a striped full-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jeans or khaki pants. If you except to meet cool breeze when you move further, you can always carry a jacket which complements your already wearing outfit.

So, now stop asking yourself, if you can complete your journey comfortable and do not look out-of-fashion-sense. It’s time to post #OOTD picture on Instagram.

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