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In the modern digital era, brands and individuals are left with no choice but to establish themselves as a thought leader to attract their audience and consumers to keep their share in the market. Though it looks easy, it’s not really that easy to establish yourself as a thought leader. Here are some ways that can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

  1. Exhibit Personal Side

Thought leadership often is all about branding in some of the other way, however, if we just consider branding it does not display any sort of personal strings attached to it such as a material thing which is not really living or breathing like a human.

People tend to follow thought leaders who not only share business critical insights but also for who they are. So it’s always a good idea to share who you really are. Showing off your personal side always attracts the personal attention of the people in a certain way and helps develop a thought leader more effectively. Whether you are avid cyclist or a gym trainer, it is never wrong to the let people know a little about on the personal front rather than just the professional side.

  1. Unite with others

Generally people assume that thought leaders broadcast their opinions and beliefs to others to their followers. It is always a good idea to idea to work in a collaborative atmosphere to earn credibility and incorporate more community engagement in the brand promotion.

Posing a question to LinkedIn or Twitter or probably leaving a comment on some one’s post helps is one of the better ways to engage with people on a personal level. This helps to start a conversion while showing that you are open to viewpoints as a thought leader.

  1. Providing advice

Providing answers to questions is another proven way to establish you as a thought leader.  Any advice that benefits someone not only helps to brand you but also helps someone who is trying to help others. If no one has yet approached for your piece of advice, no worries! You may simply switch to latest platforms such as Quora, Disqus, Medium or Reddit to find questions matching your industry and answering them carefully that would be helpful to everyone in the similar field.

  1. Creating interesting content

The journey towards becoming a thought leader begins with creating valuable content. Be it an article or a blog post on your website, or may be the newsletter that is sent out periodically, that helps you to get your voice heard in some way and thus helps you build as a thought leader.

Many thought leaders are good writers who share their opinions and beliefs in the form of writing articles, blogs, news piece, emails or may be just presentations. The most aspect here is you should have some outstanding insights to share with people and attract them to your content everyone something is published.

  1. Dedicate Yourself

Establishing and gaining recognition as a thought leader in the industry requires commitment and dedication. It’s not that you post one blog and you become a thought leader. It requires a consistent effort for months to keep sharing your insights and beliefs, innovative tips, tactics, techniques over a period of time.

At a certain level, when you have built up enough of content for yourself, you will then start to see the results paying off and the reputation you have built for yourself.

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