A Lyme Disease Prevention Guide for Pet Owners

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An infectious disease caused by the bite of an infected tick, Lyme disease is quite common in certain parts of the world, making prevention a necessity. For those who own pets, prevention is even more crucial. Here is a handy Lyme disease prevention guide for pet owners:

Use tick products that are reliable

There are a number of products that help prevent pets as well as humans from ticks. Find out about these products and consult with a vet about the ones most reliable for your pets to repel ticks effectively.

Consult a vet

No matter how many years you have owned your pet, a vet would always offer the best advice for your furry babies based on where you live, the lifestyle of the pet, and the potential threats. For those who live in areas where ticks are a common occurrence and Lyme disease a common disease, it is best to consult a vet and find out the best ways in which to prevent Lyme disease in your pet as well as the people in your home.

Avoid visiting wooded and grassy areas with your pet

Woody, grassy areas tend to be a hub for ticks, making even the smallest of visits to such places a huge threat. Marshes are equally dangerous to wade through with your pets. Making a note of all the areas that can lead to your pet becoming a host for ticks and avoiding them actively is a huge step towards preventing Lyme disease.

Check for ticks on your pets frequently

While you may have taken every precaution known to man in order to keep your pets from ticks, make sure you don’t stop there. Check your pets for ticks frequently. Further, make it a point to check your own body for ticks as well.

Keep lawns mowed and maintained

As we have already figured out, tall grasses can become a potential mode of infecting you and your pets with ticks. If you have a lawn out front or at the back of your house, make sure you keep it mowed and maintained well. 

A number of facilities offer effective lyme disease treatment in San Diego that can help you and your pet be detected and treated efficiently. Make sure you visit a professional at the earliest signs of symptoms.

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