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The alchemies between any two factors demand a cordial relationship, a sustainable relationship, a trusted relationship. But staying far from these heavy ethical words, the relationship between India and Pakistan relationship has had the highest level of fluctuations. And recently these nations have been jotted down by the supporters and the protestors on both the ends, with the turbulent wave of banning of Pakistani artists in India. Well, there’s a lot to say about that and no wonder facing off the streaking opinions and comebacks.

So it all started with the Pakistani attack on Indian soldiers resulting in the death of eighteen of the Indian soldiers and the Indian army resenting back with the successful surgical strike on Pakistani grounds uncovering the terror activities which is a  big deal. In none of the events, the Indians had their full grievances as well as wishes for the Indian army. But in none of the events up till now, neither the Pakistani artists claimed their regards. People say that it is the basic duty to give the regards to the Indian army for its success, but don’t you think that its something beyond the duty. Just considering it as a duty has never helped. It should come out of willingness and with loyalty to what they mean. But Pakistani artists have never been even closer to expressing gratitude towards the people, land and place they have made their name and fame in. It is unethical how they reside in our country, try making money and get their work done, receive abundant love from our country and turn their face away when it comes to voicing out for the country they made their living in. Little do they understand that it wouldn’t have been possible if our nation wouldn’t have accepted them in the first place. Definitely, the Pakistani artists have become eminent also because of their efforts and talents. No doubts on that but when you are a gliteratti especially in another part of the globe, they become responsible and hence people have expectations Of Having fundamental values of courtesy and respect towards the country. but they have never been so India-friendly when it comes to patriotism because if it’s just about art, they can showcase their art in their nation too as art is not really about the place, its more about the efforts are interwoven with passion and that art can be practised anywhere. But they chose to come to India for a reason that’s pretty much obvious by now that it was for better opportunities and wish to be a part of the elite group. But they chose a safer and lower side by not acknowledging a response towards the major events in the country.

Escaping from the loop is not a great move. So why Pakistani artists? Observing these adversities, there should a ban of Pakistani artists in our country because the Pakistanis have never appreciated the Indian platform and Pakistan has also served as a threat and India has had enough. For that coming to the of the ones who support the Pakistani actors who state that “artists have nothing to do with the army attacks and terrorism, hence they shouldn’t be claimed guilty and the idea of banning them is false.” But aren’t they guilty of being unethical towards the Indian society? Firstly the artists should get facts clear about the definition of an artist. Aren’t they disgracing the value of an artist by limiting it only to the filmy world? Every person in their profession from farmer to an accountant to scientist to an actor is an artist. And most important of all, the army is full of artists carrying out the of protection adroitly. We don’t find Pakistanis hired for such fields. Noone has the right to call only a bunch of people as artists. That does not mean they will keep recruiting Pakistani actors or musicians in our industry.  The Pakistanis are adult enough to find their way out.

At the most what will happen if we ban Pakistani artists? Well, there’s enough talent in India so  Another Indian will get that part of the opportunity. Another Indian will become a star. And what’s wrong with that? So let’s hope this Is enough for the explanation to the question why Pakistani artists should be banned in India and ban what’s unhealthy for our country.

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