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These days there are many diet routines for weight loss. Along with a variety of exercises, slimming centres now also focus on diets. In order to lose weight in a healthy manner, it is necessary to follow a systematic diet plan too. However, before going ahead with a diet plan it is necessary to know about its features thoroughly. Diet nowadays is more than just cutting down on fatty foods, it is about eating healthy and including certain specific foods in the meal plan. The best thing about following these diet plans is that they are scientific and full-proof. Several diet plans have gained a lot of popularity these days thanks to the celebrities following them! Approach a slimming center in Kandivali and take guidance for your weight loss diet. Check out the best diet regimes for weight loss below.

  • Atkins diet

Atkins diet has recently gained popularity amongst the nutritionists. This diet is meant for people who want to lose weight. Atkins diet is a low-carbohydrate diet plan which is usually carried out in four stages. This plan includes more protein intake and restricts the consumption of carbs. As and how you follow the stages, the carbs are gradually added to the diet plan. The common foods to avoid while following this diet are legumes, high-carb fruits, vegetable oils, etc.

  • Keto diet

Keto diet follows a rather simple process which consists of a high-fat and a low-carb diet routine. The diet also includes a moderate protein intake. Keto is one of the most popular diet regimes these days but it also has many misconceptions attached. In this diet, the body burns ketones instead of glucose for energy. When you remove carbs from your diet and consume high fats, your body is forced to use those fats, as a result, the fats start to burn to result in weight loss. Preferred foods to eat during a keto diet are leafy vegetables, nuts, dairy products, etc.

  • Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet focuses on eating plant-based foods. Unlike other diet plans, the Mediterranean diet is not rigid and can be adjusted to an individual’s preference. This diet is inspired by the people living in Greece and Italy. Fruits and vegetables are stapled in a Mediterranean diet. Though many may feel that following a Mediterranean diet requires you to be a vegetarian, the stated is not true. This diet implies that maximum of your consumption should be plant-based with a minimum intake of meat.

Join a slimming center in Kandivali and get thorough guidance about the diet to follow.

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