Breathing check shirts again to life!

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Breathing check shirts again to life!

A check shirt is that fashion item that even the most fashionably challenged person can relate to and buy it from a store. It is one of the classic pieces that completely transcend the wardrobe of men and women all across the globe. From a sharply dressed city man to a rugged, blue-collar labourer.

The popularity of the check shirts is plain for the naked eye to witness. All you have to do is take a walk in the local high street of your city to confirm the fact. However, the popularity of the check shirts comes at a price. The issue is that fashioning check shirt has become quite boring and safe to play.

The shirts though are available in various patterns, sizes, and palettes that it was ever possible before but have you ever thought why they are becoming the fashion of obsolete form?

All too often one witness a large group of mean just staggering around the town after it is dark in terrible shirts and jeans along with horrible pointed black shoes. Frequently, one sees a check shirt worn un-tucked under the glittery blazers, and other times, one sees a check shirt worn in the dullest and uninspiring style ever thought possible.

Yet, check shirt is definitely a timeless piece of clothing that has a lot in store to offer to the modern, conscious gents, irrespective of what the local men might suggest. It is highly possible for someone to become too comfortable with the clothes, by simply trying to follow the crowd in desperate need to fit in the trend. There are many people who do not ever think out of the box and are highly reluctant to try anything new.

Check shirts are one of the safe clothing options but if you truly want the shirts to work for you in a unique and contemporary way then it is necessary to re-evaluate the approach that one applies when deciding to wear the check shirt.

With all of that in mind, below mentioned are the three styling tips that will help revive life into your current collection of check shirts:

The double shirt

This technique is all about the layering, i.e. combining pieces that you might not naturally consider and making the most out of your wardrobe.

Wearing two shirts over each other is one of the greatest ways to add texture as well as depth to your outfit. Ensure that the pieces that you select go from thin to thick.

The smart-casual look

Everyone is familiar of the smart-casual dressing because it is the classic style of dressing up. The men for the casual look should not only stick to the check that they know and always wear because the men clothing line has just opened the door to colours and patterns. So, why don’t you try experimenting with the colours and the numerous patterns that are available to create a perfect casual look with one blazer over the top?

The formal look

Even if you have to wear formals to your work, it does not mean you have to wear the same thing every day in and out.

There is nothing much better than a well-fitted suit and a crisp plain shirt, but yeah that too will get boring after few days. The fine strips make for a very good alternative but true you will need something and the formal check shirts can be the answer that you have been long searching for.

So, now do you see that there is more to the check shirts than the local boys and men would have you believe!

Image source – www.aliexpress.com

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