A Brief Review on CATI Services

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Computer-Automated Telephone Interview (CATI) is, as the name suggests, a method of conducting surveys is an automated software designed for data collection. CATI makes conducting market research easier. But many users have reported that they found working with CATI a tad tougher than they thought. However, once they got a hold of it, they considered it to be a blessing instead of a plague. We have designed a brief review on CATI services to tell you a little more about this brilliant technology. This review will help you decide whether or not this system is for you.

Sample Questions in CATI Services

To help you get a better idea about the insights on CATI services, here are some questions that can be asked in a survey using CATI services. All the questions are arranged in such a way that the interviewer is required only to read out the questions to the respondent without changing any part of the question.

  • What is your position in the industry you are working in?
  • What according to you is the prime discovery in terms of technology in your industry?
  • What are your expectations from your current or future projects?
  • What is your take on the present state of market research?
  • Are there any improvements that you would wish to make in your current product?

In the actual CATI system, many of the questions are in yes or no format. All the questions are accompanied by multiple choices of answers. When the respondent chooses an option, their response gets stored in the system automatically. Due to the computerized system, there is little or no room left for errors.

A Brief Review

In a CATI service, everything that the interviewer says or does is pre-programmed. All they have to do is log in to their accounts, follow the instructions, and start the survey. CATI services are flexible market research devices. They can be customized according to every user’s preference. CATI services provide the option of changing the language, as well. This is one of those unique features that is rarely offered by any other market research software or system.

Another good feature of this system is that it allows you to schedule appointments. If the interviewer comes across an interested respondent but finds that he/she is unavailable to take the survey, the interviewers can choose to schedule a suitable time and date, as per the respondent’s convenience, and complete the survey.

There can also be found a couple of minor setbacks to this system.

  • Although CATI services allow a real interaction between the interviewer and the respondent, there are some ground rules that are needed to be followed by the interviewers. Since all the questions are displayed on the interviewer’s computer screen, they must exercise a professional barrier between them and the respondents and not discuss anything other than the displayed questions.
  • Since it is automated, interviewers are expected to organize their schedule according to the system. Hence, it is necessary to set it up with care.

CATI services may not be perfect but they are definitely a great set of systems to work with when conducting a market research survey.

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