Can Artificial Intelligence be the genuine reason for world peace?

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The participants of the international peace brokers came together in the room of the House of Estates. The audience is from Ukraine, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Colombia, and from many places to hear what the scientist with terminal cancer has to say.

Timo Honkela, the scientist, the keynote speech of whom has been called as the “Dialogue of a Million People”. The topic is an intriguing one, especially from artificial intelligence’s specialist.

The 54 years old Honkela has been devoting his time to a machine that he hopes will succeed in facilitating world peace. The scientist has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the brain. Therefore, the little time that he has on his hands before passing away he wants to invest in developing the machine that can eradicate the problems of enmity and hate from the humankind.

In the present time, the majority of the artificial intelligence techs are more focused on the marketing and business applications. The technologies have been used to browse through the social media, contacting service lines, and also for typing texts.

The concept is not only science but a science-based design or planning of the concept in which the central idea is the intention to alter the world. It is based on the assumption that the majority of people will take delight in the state of complete peace.

The primary iteration of Peace Machine is going to be a book which will have the details about how the artificial intelligence can assist in solving human disputes. The scientist wishes that the concept will win the interest of the people and the machine finished in Finnish will be translated into Spanish, English, Russian, and Arabic.

The approach that he applied is multidisciplinary, linguistics, tapping computer science, language philosophy, sociology, psychology, cognitive science and many other disciplines.

Core to the development of the Peace Machine is the fact that the computer systems are already commencing to be able to evaluate the content of the human text, in simpler words, the books. There are about 130 million books on the planet, and Honkela envisages how the wisdom and the comprehension stored in these pages can be employed when gathered and interpreted by the computers. With the assistance of machines, the cultural barriers that block the mutual understanding can be discarded significantly. This what the scientist believes.

The machines will have the power to stimulate person’ behaviour and cognitive functioning, the machine needs not be programmed. In fact, the machine will learn in the way of the humans. In other words, the engineers will not be the one interpreting the contents in their way and then input that into the machine, in fact, the computer itself will study and interpret the words.

One of the essential subjects of the research of the artificial intelligence is emotion. It is because humans are prone to making decisions on the basis of the sentiments over facts. In the terms of computer science, emotions are the main program of the machine.

The scientist vows to polish the Peace Machine for eternity.


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