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It is no harm that you want to look as a fashionable lady always. It is inherent in your femininity to appear in public, with maximum care on your personality and win the appreciation of relatives, friends and neighbors. So as to look fashionable or express your fashion statement, it becomes imperative that you buy latest fashion merchandises in garments, accessories, jewellery and footwear etc.

You shop for latest fashion materials, your mind works faster that you should stand out of the crowd, in buying something that is regarded high amidst your friends’ circle. You can’t afford to look out-dated with regard to what you wear, when stepping out of home.

This spark of thought sometimes leads many of the members of the fairer sex, to buy things without applying their mind. They often fail to see whether the item purchased after careful selection and spending enormous time will be suitable for them, serve the purpose for which it is bought, and above all will augment their comfort while wearing them.

Footwear for women is the finest example. The sole purpose of buying a shoe-pair or slippers is to safeguard your feet from perils while walking. Surely it should also serve another purpose – to look good in design and instantly attract others’ attention, to ask where you bought them.

It is here many womenfolk fall for ultra-modern High Heel Shoes. The hot-selling brands and some of their names are – Burberry; Alexander Wang; Sergio Rossi; Saint Laurent Paris; Prada; D&C; Jimmy Choo; DKNY; MIU MIU; Valentino and Alexander MQueen etc.

There is no doubt that each one of them is unique in its own way, and lures womenfolk instantly. The designers of these latest models pamper all kinds of “Sales Talk” in their advertisements as well.

The funny anecdote about these High Heels is – originally they were invented and used by men in the 17th Century, for riding horses and place their feet with grip on the horses’ stirrups, while riding and aiming arrows.

Only in early 19th Century High Heel Shoes became trendy-fashion for women. You will be amazed how a 19th Century fashion has come again. The truth is the very characteristic of the word “Fashion” is it will repeat as a cycle, once in 20 years.

Well – wearing a pair of one of the top-brands of High Heel Shoes may raise your fashion-conscious image among your friends. You can make a stylish walk with pride, with your chin up too. But do you know High Heels can cause maximum discomforts, apart from causing innumerable pains? See here:

The very first discomfort is difficulty in walking normally. The heels raise the backside of your feet abnormally, whereas the ideal position is to keep them flat, and put the pressure evenly on them while lifting your leg for stepping.

The weight of your whole body falls entirely on your back and your toes. Result is you undergo a series of hazards for causing unbearable pain, by wearing these shoes for hours in a day.

The list is really long like Lower Back pain; Joint Pain; Callus – part of skin exposed to friction and giving enormous pain; shortened Achilles tendon; and ingrown toenails due to crushed toes and a lot more!

Why invite all these troubles unnecessarily, by wearing High Heel Shoes?

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