Combating Through Life’s Struggles

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Captain Raghu Raman is a well renowned motivational speaker in India, who has been helping the corporate sector, by providing insights into his life and early experiences in the armed forces.

His Struggles in the Army:

Having decided to sere in the armed forces and to serve the country, Captain Raghu Raman contact soon realized that he lacked in agility and speed and was looked down upon because of the same. Having participated in a 16 kilometer run, he came in penultimate position and faced a lot of ridicule and was mocked for the same. He was boycotted and called names for his shortcomings. He later realized that his strength wasn’t running, but shooting. He and his superiors realized that he was good at taking aim and was an excellent shooter. He later went on to serve the army as one of the top soldiers of the nation.

Helping you understand your potential:

Many a times, we go through life, trying to find our true potential and more often than not, we are left with more questions than answers. Understanding your strengths and using that to your advantage, while identifying your weaknesses and working on them, is one of the first stepping stones to success.

Dealing with failures:

Dealing with failures and setbacks can be quite an ordeal, but one needs to understand that your failures are designed to bring out your real strength. Failures need to be looked upon as an opportunity to rise and used as a stepping stone. According to Captain Raghu Raman contact, you need to be prepared every single day and the day life sends an opportunity to you, you cannot be unprepared. When you wake up and get out of your office, you should expect combat and at no given time you should let your guard down. 

Learning to deal with life’s failures and emerging stronger through your failures and setbacks only make you stronger. Finding your strengths and working on your weaknesses will not only ensure that you are will emerge stronger, but will ensure that you are better prepared for life’s challenges that may come your way.  

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