Combating Your Pre-examination Stress

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As a student’s exams come closer, parents, students and in many cases, the entire family gets thrown into a state of chaos. While little can be done to reduce the stress levels of our family members, students can resort to certain measures to help reduce their stress levels considerably.

Organizing your study material:

Organizing your study material in an effective manner comes with a host of benefits. Firstly, it makes your important notes and study materials like solutions of NCERT mathematics class 11 easily accessible, which will ensure that you need not run around helter-skelter, in a state of panic, searching for your notes or books. Secondly, it keeps your books and notes from tearing or getting damaged. This ensures that you make the best of the available time, which will ensure that you find time to do other things that can make your life a lot easier.

Making time to de-stress:

While preparing for our exams, it becomes important to make time to unwind and de-stress, as studying for hours at a stretch can take a toll on anyone. Taking the time out to unwind will not only ensure that you feel relaxed but will ensure that you are fresh and ready for your next study session. Consider doing yoga or listening to relaxing and soothing music to help you feel rejuvenated. Take time out to go out for a walk, or to hang out with friends or do whatever you enjoy, to help you feel relaxed. Not only will it improve your efficiency, but will make your study time feel less than a task.

Short breaks:

Studying for hours at a stretch is an extremely inefficient way to study and taking timely breaks will not only increase your efficiency but will also help you to make the time that you study extremely productive. Timely breaks will help you stay focused and will make your study time a lot more enjoyable.

If one were to take into consideration some of the above-mentioned steps and measures while studying, not only will you reduce your stress levels, but will ensure that you successfully crack your examinations.

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