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Big data and analytics in recent years has become the center of focus for marketers all over the world. It is high time marketers take some time to sit back and analyze the effectiveness of the same. The focus, if shifted from big data and analytics to consumer acquaintance will go a long way in boosting the marketing and sales. The importance of data and analytics is no doubt significant in the current times and even cannot be ruled out but they fall short in explaining the preference of consumer for a particular brand over another.

To gain better insight in understanding the consumer’s psyche for choosing a specific brand over others, it is essential that market researchers delve deeper in understanding the factor that prompts and motivates consumers to take that final step towards purchasing a specific product, as data and analytics only cover the story partially. Collecting information about consumers is a herculean task due to the involvement of emotional aspect. Hence the right way to obtain information about the consumers is by directly getting involved with them.

Now the question arises as to how to get involved with the consumers directly? The simpler way to do this is by strengthening the relationship with the consumers. This will easily enable the marketers in gaining knowledge pertaining to the likes and dislikes of consumers along with knowing the factors that trigger them to take the extreme step to opt for a particular product or B2B lead generation services over others.

Once the secret about what prompts a consumer to go for a particular product or service becomes clear, then it becomes easier for marketers to take effective strategic steps to capture more leads and close the deal. Though difficult to quantify, the role of emotions and feelings that finally drive a consumer to purchase a specific product cannot be ruled out. Hence it becomes very crucial for a marketer to understand the link between a purchaser and the brand.

Irrespective of the fact whether a business is online or offline, marketing and sales are primarily a people to people business and hence getting acquainted with one’s customer is of paramount importance.

Knowledge about consumers or interpretation of consumer behavior can be basically categorized in the following ways:

  • The meeting point between the likes of the consumer and the characteristics of the brand. This is primarily based on clear understanding of the moods, motivation and desires that trigger the action of buying.
  • Proper gathering, organizing and clear interpretation of the data so collected to enable a business to obtain, develop and keep hold of consumers.

Obtaining significant consumer details will help a business to deal with the consumers effectively thus enriching their lives in a positive way. By enhancing the consumer’s lives in a significant way, a company can hope to attract new customers along with retaining the old loyal consumers.

Now that the importance of getting acquainted with consumers by obtaining all relevant information is known, the question arises as to how to obtain information about this kind of data.

Listed below is the key to obtaining valuable data and information about consumers for sales and marketing department that will help them in boosting their leads in future.

  • Conduct of actual or online focus groups is one good way to obtain actual insights about what a consumer thinks about a specific brand.
  • Various types of digital surveys can be carried out on a range of audiences to ascertain feedback of consumers about a particular product or service or about a particular brand.
  • One to one contact with the customer is the most ideal and preferred way to reach out to consumers and gain insight about them even in today’s digital era.
  • Another best way to understand your consumers is to become one in the real sense by visiting other companies, understand their products and research their products in the same way as a consumer does. By doing so, you can hope to get emotionally linked with your consumers which will help in the growth of your brand.

Setting strategies, conducting surveys, calling consumers and becoming a consumer in the actual sense are some of the perfect ways to provide best customer service as you are able to get the ultimate experience of a customer.

Armed with all the information about consumers, a peek into the sales and marketing tactics and strategies are all that is required to see if your feedback and their strategies work in tandem. If not, then slight changes need to be adopted to bring about the requisite changes to acquiring and retention of leads.

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