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Icing any of your body part with a plastic bag filled with ice is the perfect example of Cryotherapy. However, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is another ball game. It expects its fans to strip down and spend whopping three minutes in a chamber where the body is exposed to 270°F hyper cool air.

WBC is a treatment to relieve a body from pain. This therapy was discovered by a rheumatologist, Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi, of Japan in 1978. The objective was to treat rheumatoid arthritis, however in several years; medical science has realized can cure much more than just rheumatoid arthritis. Since then the therapy is used to treat pain caused by soft tissues, inflammation, psoriasis and it is used to revitalize skin and increase one’s metabolism. In fact, this therapy can be used to fight depression as well!

WBC is not like going out on a chilly day. It is a dry process and it doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate your body as it is there in case of cold air. The temperature in the case of WBC is much colder as compared to any winter day yet it is not discomfortable, thanks to dry air as it allows oxygen to get to the skin.

Spending three minutes in this icy-chamber will not be as painful as sitting a freezer for ten minutes and since WBC chamber is much cooler than a frigid pool, one need not spend more than 2-3 minutes and in that time you will only get results and negligible pain.


  • During the process, blood accumulates and get warm, whereas white blood cells travel through the body swiftly and thereby, augmenting the healing process up to 50%. Also, body’s organ regulatory functions get stimulate and result in an increase of energy, rejuvenation of body cells, boosting the immune system, and healing of the whole body.
  • Blood gets purifies by WBC. It helps in removal of toxins from the body and increases the flow of body’s nutrient.
  • The process of healing takes place at an increasing rate because recovery of soft tissues and joints is maximized. All of it takes place because the speed at which purified blood circulates in the body increases by leaps and bounds.

WBC is a therapy and not a medical treatment and thus, your problems will take a time to get a cure. Therefore, you will not see improvement taking place overnight. Moreover, this elective therapy will only make you comfortable, sooth your body and provide relief without fixing any issue permanently.

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