Designer Tunics Are a Smart Pick For This Summer

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The foremost concern for Indian people during summer is staying comfortable amidst the soaring temperatures. The elders speak about the standard rules of lots of water intake all day long and less spicy food. But apart from these two, putting on comfortable yet stylish dresses in summer is what worries you. However, with so many styles of Indian clothing available for summer, you needn’t worry. Among the various styles available, tunics are very convenient yet stylish options. Standard fittings of tunics are roomy enough to keep you relaxed throughout.

How the Tunics Can Be Worn

The Indian tunics spans in length up to calf or sometimes the ankle and is often paired up with leggings or palazzos. They are even being worn as one-pieces for parties. Such one-pieces spanning up to the knee or below make an amazing blend of modernity and ethnicity. Indian tunics are designed to give you a very stunningly ethnic look with their unique visual features. The trend of wearing such Indian clothing is more prevalent during the summer season. It is growing more popular with each passing day, and lots of designs are popping up gradually.

The Most Popular Styles in Tunics

Like in other parts of the world, Indian designers are constantly experimenting with different styles of Indian clothing. The tunics are no exception, and there have been various popular cuts and designs which have attracted much attention. Among the most popular styles of Indian tunics are:

  • The cowl neck Indian tunics: They are among the more glamorous styles and make ideal party wear. The neck cut is the eye-catching feature of such tunics. You can pair them up with both palazzos and leggings.

The cowl neck Indian tunics - Nihal Fashions

  • Floral Tunics with designs only near the neckline: Such tunics have a very exquisite look due to the beautiful floral designs near the neck. They are ideal wears during any traditional function like a wedding or a religious ceremony.

Floral Tunics with designs only near the neckline - Nihal Fashions

  • Long Tunics with a high-low cut– These tunics have become increasingly popular in recent times. Being longer in length at the back and shorter at the front, such tunics are another choice for party-wear.

Long Tunics with a high-low cut - Nihal Fashions

  • Chiffon Tunics: Chiffon is a very light-weighed and thin clothing material. It is mostly used for saris but also forms an ideal clothing material for tunics. These are perfect for traditional functions because of the exquisite embroidery on chiffon.

Chiffon Tunics - Nihal Fashions

Pretty Looking and Very relaxing too

Such is the popularity of this Indian clothing that it is being worn in other parts of the world too. Indian tunics made from cotton are dominant during the summer season. Besides having very pretty looks, these tunics are much light, comfortable and breezy to give you that relaxing feel. So if you are worrying what to wear to look comfortable and be stylish too, go for Indian tunics. Among the various styles available, you are sure to get your pick.


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