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Life without technology has become so hard to envisage as the revolution of technology has rooted its existence and impact on the lives of the entire population on earth. One of the most addictive technical inventions is the cell phone to which all the people from different age groups are found indulged in whether at home, workplace or in the street.

The generations on the planet are obsessed with the latest technological developments and advancements which are why the fondness towards car should not come as a surprise to anyone.

It was only a few years back that the cars were nothing special and were just cars, the satellite navigation was developed but it took time for them to form the part of the car’s internal system. Now the big shot companies in the car world have manufactured and built such spectacular cars with intriguing features that their concepts have set a new benchmark for the cars of this century and for the many to come.

From the Mercedes to the BMW’s, they all have some best new and forthcoming car features which are the evidence as to how technicality is going to make a difference in the way one drives.

  • Avoiding crash: One of the many tech features that the latest cars have inbuilt in them is the feature of crash avoidance. The exclusive technological vehicles are now designed not only to assess your position but also the positions of the cars in front of your’s, including the many objects and obstructions that may be in the path which is likely to be a risk. If the car detects risk then it will come to a halt despite the driver’s foot not being on the brake paddle. This is the best proof to witness how technology is ensuring in its own way the chance to prevent any road accident.
  • Text reading: The cell phones are the greatest distraction to the driver which is the reason behind many of the accidents that take place. An alternative to that is now; the new cars have the text reading technology installed in their system as it enables the system to read out loud the messages received including the e-mails which mean that your eyes no longer have any reason to miss the road.
  • Application Integration: The smartphones are virtually taking over the lives. They are used for anything and everything which is a fact that even the car manufacturers are aware of, therefore, smartphone app integration is a real chance. Audi is likely going to offer the way one lives as they will provide the option to the driver to check the movies or even book a table for dinner.

It might have seemed unreal for you to think of the cars that drive themselves but the automotive car in the UK has been given the green signal and similarly, the flying cars in Dubai are a reality that one thought might only witness in 2050. The self-drive cars have raised many questions and speculations but the time is to tell the result.

Isn’t it exciting to know how few technical changes can alter the way one leads life?

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