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Have you noticed that in the fashion world there are some trends that have always occupied space in the catalogs of the fashion magazine, in the season of fashion week, and on the streets? For instance, the little black dress, the skinny jeans, and the denim jacket but you might have failed to see one trend in particular and without even realizing you must now see that your wardrobe always has a floral print.

The ones, who approach fashion in more of a girly-girl way, will find that the floral prints will not let you look out of trend in any season. These prints work with every apparel be it the chic dress, the cute shorts, the glamorous leggings, the ethnic clothes or even the gowns.

Perhaps it is the versatility of the floral print, well there are thousands of real flowers to take the printing inspiration from and there is no limit to how the print can appear on the cloth. Stunning floral prints will comply with all the ideas from daisies to sunflowers and from lilies to Lotus. For the formal setting, the ditsy patterns are preferred as well as for the elegant blouses and decorating office wears. The big brash flowery patterns are the best for bright canvas tote bags and statement bodycon.

Flower-print possesses one of those fashion features of instantly making the women feel more feminine. Even if your interest does not lie in the wildlife and in nature, the floral prints will change your mind because the charm that it holds is that of elegance and refreshment that comes with showcasing the beauty of nature. These fabulous prints of floral permits the designer and the wearer for mixing the colours, from moody taupe shade too pretty pastels. It is not necessary for the floral print to depict the life-like shadings of plants.

Jewellery date continues to be inspired by the floral patterns. From accessories to the frames of eye-wears, in any brand or department store, you are bound to encounter the beautiful rose studs and earrings and flower as well as leaf-shaped pendants. The designs of shoes also use flowers for decoration. In the Roman era, the floral inspirations formed the part of the designing of the royal crowns.

The history of the floral prints dates back to the Egyptian period. The times when real flowers were used in wreaths and in garlands or the people wore the flower on the dress.  Initially, wearing a flower print was the symbol of high status..

If you are not sure how you can work the flower print then understand this very simple tip and that is there is no need for you to be in a floral print outfit from head to toe. Pair your floral shorts with a single color tank top; you can also pair your floral tops with pretty skirts or with a pair of denim.

The floral prints have also taken a mesmerizing look in apparels and those are of the lingerie that bears floral prints.

Now, what more do you need to pamper and emerge your feminine side to the surface?

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