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Eating food items for their taste is your fancy? Then you need to go to Indian restaurants Melbourne that serve top-class Indian food varieties. Indians in foreign countries like Australia always crave for Indian food and search keenly where they can get Indian cuisine in Melbourne!

How are Indian delicacies tastier?  

The rich culture of India, dating back to thousands of years, has many accolades to its credit. Ayurveda, Yoga, and Hindu doctrines etc. are born in India. Food preparation in allied tasteful varieties is no exception.

India was ruled by as many as 56 Maharajas (Kings), centuries back. Scriptures show us the full details of these Maharajas, who were enjoying life and at the same time nurtured so many arts like music, dance, painting and sculptures etc.

In the same way, they encouraged the art of cooking most-delicious Indian food varieties, for their Royal Feasts and honouring guests.

Those Indian cooks vied with each other, in showing their creativity in innovating numerous food items and delicacies, to win the appreciation (and hefty rewards too) from the Kings. This competition paved way for finding out innumerable varieties of dishes for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner.

India is a vast country by land area, logically there were different food habits among the population, exclusive for that region. For example, while for the South Indians, where paddy growing was the main source for food, rice became the main stay.

Similarly, in the North India, Wheat was grown in larger volumes. Therefore it became the basic raw material for preparing food for those people. Yet similarity prevailed in using Indian ingredients and spices like chillies, tamarind, coriander, pepper and other flavor-producing additions, all over Indian continent.

Indian food is not only tasty but also healthy – how?

According to ancient Indian medical scripts, our food intake also serves as medicine, to cure the diseases and ailments human body encounters. Thus Indian cooks preserved these principles and observed them ardently while preparing food for the Kings.

The citizens also followed suit. The ingredients and spices added to foodstuffs by every home were hand-picked and selective, so as to help their well being. The food preparation formula was inherited from generation to generation in India.

Thus when you visit and relish Indian cuisine in Melbourne, you are served not only tasty Indian food but also healthy food for your stomach.

Alluring variations are available:

In addition to the age-old Indian Cooking Art, foreign invasions and rulers like Muslims contributed their part to Indian cuisines. Most of the non-vegetarian items of North Indian varieties reflect these clubbing of traditions.

If you visit Indian restaurants in foreign countries, including Indian restaurants Melbourne, you will get by default all the Indian food items and varieties. The reason is these Indian Restaurants represent the whole of India and cater to the needs of assorted Indian population living abroad.

You can get South Indian dishes like Idly; Dhosa; Pongal; Puttu and Vada etc. North Indian delicacies like Pulav, Tandoori chicken, Mutton-fry and Fish Fry etc. to feast your tongue-buds.

There is a misconceived notion that all Indian dishes will be hot. Although there is some truth in it, there are lots of other mildly hot dishes, which any European or Australian will relish joyfully, and exclaim “hmmmm…fantastic……yummy!”

Come and enjoy yourself in Indian restaurants Melbourne!

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