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If you have never tasted Indian Food – alas – you are missing something. Now that we are living in the Internet Age, finding an Indian Restaurant in your city or neighbourhood is damn easy. Google Search will instantly produce a long-list at your fingertips. Here you get some “inside” information about what to look for in these Indian Restaurants after you enter inside.

An Intro:

Indian Food is the biggest subject – one can write pages about. The reason is the tradition of India dates back to thousands of years. Indian recipes and cuisines are passed on from generation to generation, yet adopting foreign cultures in between, including the British.

The secret of taste in Indian Food lies in the age-old preparation methods; spices; flavours and ingredients. Your tongue-buds will water, once you taste these “conventionally” prepared food items.

India is divided broadly into South India and North India. The people differ by their main-stay of food. South Indians prefer Rice; and North Indians Wheat.

Accordingly South Indian Restaurants serve mostly Rice and side-dishes for Lunch and Dinner; whereas you can get Chapathis and Rotis (Parathas) with appropriate side dishes in North Indian Restaurants. Before entering, check the name board and ascertain whether it is South Indian or North Indian.

Another broad bifurcation can be made. Most of the South Indian Restaurants serve Vegetarian food (with some exceptions of course) and North Indian Restaurants mostly offer Non-veg dishes, for Chapathis and Parathas. Especially in Punjabi Restaurants, you can get varieties of Non-veg items to relish.

Non-vegetarian Food:

As regards Non-vegetarian delicacies, there is not much of a difference in Indian Restaurants. The common factor is – the side-dishes will be mostly Hot – sprinkled generally with chili powder and “Garam Masala” powder.

Europeans beware – your tongue is not accustomed to this hot-taste, but delicious food. So keep a glass of sweet juice of any kind and sip it while you send inside the gulps – on and off.

Some of the most-popular Non-veg items are – Biriyaani (or Palav) available all over India. Special rice cooked with chicken, mutton and eggs with side-dishes. Chicken-tikka; Mutton-fry; Fish Fry; Double Egg Omlette; along with various sauces made up of meat and sea-foods; gravies with cooked meat or fish to go along with Rice etc. are made available without fail.

Thing is these Non-vegetarian items are available in all the Restaurants of any country. Only the Hot taste makes the Indian Non-veg Food stand apart from the crowd. If you want to try a different kind of Indian Food, you need to go to South Indian Restaurants, which serve Vegetarian delicacies.

Specialty Vegetarian Food:

The South Indian States of Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have notorious food items – based on Rice and Rice flavor. They serve innumerable varieties for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast items. Each one will be unique in its own way, for preparation and taste.

For example, for Breakfast they serve Idly (sort of rice-cake baked in steam); Dosa – made of rice-batter; Vada – cakes fried in oil; Pongal – rice cooked with spices; and these items are served with tasty side-dishes of Chutny and Sambar (tamarind sauce).

In North Indian Restaurants also you can get harmless Vegetarian snacks of Bav Baji; Vada Paav; and Samosa etc.

If any of your friends had visited South India, ask them whether they have tasted Idly – Dosa – you will get a spontaneous reply “Wow! They are fantastic!”

Started already to an Indian Restaurant?

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