Inevitable technologies that will shape our future

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In today’s time, people can’t imagine their life without technology. The new millennium or technical sector has made considerable advancement and development by introducing new products to help people to live their life in luxury.


Smartphones, as the name suggest, holds the smarter features by providing the additional functions like GPS, Web browsing, multimedia games, camera, mobile apps and multi-touch interface. It is like a mini computer which is small enough to fit in anyone’s pocket. In future, it will emerge as the Personal Mobile Computers (PMC). What should we envision in the expansion of the smartphones in the coming future? With the fast pace of technology development, it is certainly difficult to answer this question.


The word augmented reality or AR when used in a context of the computer technology deals with what we perceive through our sight. The device is enriched with computer-generated inputs like graphics, sounds, and videos. Augmented reality makes information accessible to the users by combining computer data with real life. By operating the camera on your phone, you can easily find out ”live” to get a guidance of where you can locate the nearest restaurant or cafe. Most of the AR apps use Global Positioning System (GPS); this is helpful as you can whip out your smartphones to get the latest information on what you desire.


We are frequently checking for our WI-FI bars on our Cell phones.  Today’s 3G and 4G network offer acceptable wireless browsing o the internet. As technology is evolving and the people are leaning more towards the advanced gadgets, wireless broadband is becoming an essential part of communication.


There is a lot of hype about cloud computing but some of the technology providers have done a commendable job by providing and explaining the services to the average person. Two exceptions of this technology are Google and apple. GoogleDocs is the first app based on cloud computing which acquired mainstream attraction. iCloud looks like it have the potential to move majority into clouds.

  1. Eye-tracking

In coming years, such glasses will be known as the informational glasses as this technology integrated with augmented reality to create a natural UI (USER INTERFACE) for your personal mobile computers. The words you are speaking or the things you are viewing will be transmitted to an individual’s PMC. The device will interpret, compute and transmit the output visually or verbally.

Everyone is aware of the fact that technology has many advantages but at the same time, disadvantages also come side-by-side. As it is said technology is sometimes a dangerous master. So, it is up to an individual how he/she will balance the things.

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