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Video camera installation is one of the essential moves which appear mandatory for almost all small size businesses in this world. Presently the IP security cameras are trending in the market and proved its perfection towards enhancing the efficiency of a business.

It’s the responsibility of a business to keep a check on theft, burglary, and other malicious activities which can cause harm to business functioning.  One of the effective and proven methods for business safety is security cameras which allow owners and staff to invest time on other important business activities in a stress-free manner.

Which one is best HD analog camera or IP Camera?

If you compare the price of HD and IP, the HP analog version will appear to be more attractive to you. But the fact is that the time has arrived where the analog technology is all set to phase out. HD camera can serve you with HD surveillance video but the quality of the final product will be much inferior to IP. Keeping an eye on the complexity and cost of installation for HD analog camera we can say that it’s expensive and tough. If the system gets installed once, one will find it impossible to upgrade it to IP system.

On the other hand, the IP cameras are trending in the market and offer versatile features. The best part with this camera is that it’s easy to install with the application of Wi-Fi as well as PoE technologies. It offers the scope to upgrade to an advanced version supporting resolution of 4K UHD and smart video analytics.

Investing in high-resolution IP camera will help in covering a wider area in comparison to analog CCTV camera. One IP camera is enough to cover an area which may need up to 4 analog cameras. It is just not cost effective to go for IP camera but also it offers user-friendly footage through a single camera.

Another added advantage for IP system is that it comes with playback as well as search functionality.   In case you are noticing an object missing all you need to do is to draw a box surrounding that space where it was present.  Now it’s the NVR responsibility to make an automatic search in that particular activity area.

IP cameras get integrated with any wireless network very easily providing the chance to make an unlimited expansion. In case of Analog wireless camera, it faces a problem and majorly that because of radio frequency band which is transmitted by it.

We are now living in a world of high definition where we look for modified and improved technical gadgets which can serve us better. Maximum numbers of business across the globe are showing their willingness towards upgrading from Analog to IP. IP CCTV is now emerging as the set standards for the CCTV camera installation. No doubt in the fact that with time new technological advancements are coming up in the market applicable for both analog and IP. Still, IP will always remain ahead of Analog cameras offering the longer solution for better security protection for the businesses.

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