Laser-printed Nanotech gives the color to the paintings that stay on forever!

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According to the current study, the laser printers that have the technology to sculpt the captured images at minute detail can one day succeed in coloring the pictures that do not go gray as the time passes by.

The renowned researchers at the Denmark’s technical University have constructed a sheet of semiconductor and polymer metals that can reflect the colors that do not discolor, by employing the use of small structures which diffracts, soaks and reflects light that are of dissimilar wavelengths. A coating constructed with the material will not need re-painting, and the image that reflects it will retain the vibrancy over the period.

The process of printing will also permit the people to choose the color of their choice. It is because the precise wavelength can be chosen, which means that the minimum guessing becomes the part of combining the pigments and measuring the charts of the color. The exact technique will also work for the watermarks marking and even in encrypting and for data storing.

In this advanced approach to technology, the snapshots and pictures are printed with a laser which focuses on the sheet made out of plastic with germanium on the top. The sheet is constructed by depositing the nano meter-thin coating of polymer and germanium into diverse shapes like blocks and cylinders. The interesting fact is that none of them measures more than, 100 nanometer!

A study lead author and nanotechnology investigator Xiaolong Zhu at the Technical University of Denmark explained the live science that “We produce a nano-imprint”.

Just like the laser printers works, the laser transforms the tiny configuration into the different shape by melting them. The changing power of the laser at minute level melts the arrangement in a different way so that they can take a new geometric form.

This will be the main reason for the fineness of the image resolution. The images from both the inkjet as well as laser printer comprise of 300 to 2,400 dots per inch. The nanometer-pixel, however, is thousands times smaller, which means that resolution of the 100,000 dots per inch. The entire collection of the pixels will resemble the small city of domes, skyscrapers, and towers.

Since the colors are fabricated into the structure of sheets, it will refrain them fading the way pigments when it is exposed to light. For instance, the ordinary color fades when the light or the sunlight hits it as the ultraviolet light succeeds in breaking down the chemicals that construct the pigment. Above all of that, the ink or the print can oxidize or in simpler words, come off the image when it is exposed to the solvents, for example, heavy detergents, etc. on antiques, there even exists a phenomenon, namely “metal soaps” which is based on the intricate chemistry that takes place as the colors or paints ages.

A researcher said that to manufacture this type of printer, the researchers might need to make laser expertise smaller and use an altered material for the layer of sheets. The material used would need to have the high-Reflexive index, which means that the substance must bend the light in a great deal and imbibes the beam at the wavelength chosen for the laser light added. In their research, the researchers picked up the green wavelength and experimented on the silicon substance, which according to Zhu doesn’t attract the green light as powerfully.

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