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Being fashionable is your right and to do so looking for the best fabrics appears to be an absolute dizzying affair for you. Fashion is not restricted to your wardrobe and now spread across each and everything you do to decorate your home and furniture. You need to come across several swatches for pulling out that particular patterns and textures, with hues which can inspire you interior decor endeavour.

Bauhaus Prints which is of the geometric pattern are now trending in the market. It gives a blocky yet bold look which can surely be used to give a classy touch to the chair covers. Modern Moiré is basically a silk fabric which comes with rippled look texture.  This pattern made a cool come back in the world of fashion and if applied well can make the interior of the house look amazingly stylish. You can use it to cover up the walls, as curtain fabric or even as your drawing room sofa sets to cover. You can find this fabric in multiple patterns which are bright in colour and quite soothing to the eyes. Some of the leading brands Houlès, Cala in chartreuse and Gallery more trim are having the finest collection of Modern Moiré fabrics.

Sophisticated Striped fabrics are now in demand. Some of the fabrics are available with such vibrant colours that it will energize the interior to turn it into space which will make you feel blessed. If you have outdoor dining space then applies these fabrics for you dining pavilion. These days the concept of colour therapy is trending and so if the right selection of colour can be made for your interior decoration fabrics then that will give a soothing effect to your eyes and will develop a positive aura surrounding you and your family.

You can match the colour of the fabric with the wall colour or can play with contrast mix and match. Just for an example if you are having a grey coloured wall just play brave and select some fabric having the brighter shade of pink. Trust us you will call us crazy for recommending such combination but when you will actually visualize it… the grey walls at back with pick printed sitting covers….. You will surely not mind thanking us enough.

The choices are endless when you look for the best upholstery fabrics. Floral prints are all time hit when the need is for excellent fabric for the dining space decoration. How can we forget about the floral trends in the bed lining collection? There are so many options to pick from. Sticking to cotton bed collection is always considered the best as this gives a comfortable feeling to the body. Just for decoration purpose, you can try bright coloured velvet sheets. The reputed brands in the market are constantly working to come up with elegant choices of fabric for multi purpose need of upholstery decoration.

You need to make the best use of your imagination power to make you’re interior look stylish and completely fashionable.

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