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There are few fashion clothes and items that every woman should have in her wardrobe like the little black dress or the nude pumps. If you are given a choice to own only one pair of shoes then it will be a mistake not to choose the nude pumps. Want to know why these shoes are essential? Read on.

Say hello to elongated legs

One of the chief reasons as to why the nude pumps are loved is because they give the wearer as well the lookers the illusion of long legs. So, if you want to appear as thinner and taller, then the nude pumps are made for you. Shoes that are of the exact color as your skin tone do not fail to create the illusion of longer legs. It is because there is no visual break.

The nude pumps generate a streamlined effect which tricks the eyes of the viewers to think that the legs are longer.

Shopping tips for nude pumps

  • If you truly want to obtain the elongating effect of the nude pumps then the pumps should blend perfectly and seamlessly with your color or skin tone. View nude pumps as a foundation: you must find the shade that works for your skin and matches the tone. You can try on different shades of nude pumps to find the ideal one.
  • You must select a nude pump that has a low-cut vamp. For those who do not know, the vamp is that part of the shoe that covers the top part of the feet. A vamp that is high will shorten your leg appearance whereas the low cut vamp will definitely elongate your leg.
  • Refrain from buying a nude pump that has a round or square toe, in place of that choose the one with the pointed toe. It is because the narrow toe box will extend your legs and make it appear longer.


It is because of their versatility that the nude pumps from the list of the must-have fashion items. It is because they are neutral, which means that the pumps can be paired with a garment of any color.

They can be worn not only for a full day and night but in every season and with any cloth be it shorts, skirts, formal attires, etc.

The nude pumps’ versatility also comes as handy when you are packing for a trip. If you have a pair of the nude pump with you then every outfit is complete.

Timeless beauty

Nude pumps are the classic piece of fashion which means that purchasing nude pumps is an investment. A classic nude pump is an evergreen item; it will never ever go out of style.

Your shoe wardrobe need not be too big to receive compliments because it is a fact that not everyone is Sarah Jessica Parker, invest in the nude pumps and witness for yourself the change in your appearance and extension in the list of your admirers.


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