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Skating is not a God made thing it is something that humans have made to entertain themselves and when it is the question of figure skating, jumps are essential because the whole act of figure skating relies on the number of jumps that the skater can display in a flawless manner. So, have you ever wondered if the jumps that you see figure skaters do is an inherited skill or something that can be learned?

There are coaches assigned to the figure skaters who teach them the tricks and the ways in which to jump. If you have been looking for the ways in which you can perfect your jumping loops then taking some accordion lessons will prove to be the right direction to that path.

Though figure skating originated from Scotland as there were few Scottish people who started the club, figure skating was just a club back in the days but gradually the sport stretched its reach and then in 1892, the International Skating Union (ISU) was formed to regulate and function the rules and regulations of figure skating. It was in 1908 that the figure skating debut was seen in the Olympics, the sport that is now the important part of the Olympics.

Traditionally, figure skating before becoming the part of the Olympics was just about skating on the ice however, Mr. Jackson Haines, who is famously known as the father of the modern figure skating, mixed the skating with the dance moves such as ballets, and many more moves. That was the revolution in the art of figure skating. The aspiring figure skaters have to become pros in figure skating and balance which also involves a lot of mathematics and physics as witnessed in the movie Ice Princess.

There exist several coaching centres that provide the figure skaters the time that they need to spend in the ring because in figure skating everything is about the moves that can be improved and enhanced and perfected with practise. Figure skating often seen as the sport below the real ones but the efforts and the dedications of the figure skaters have levelled up the sports to the position that it holds.

So, if you are one of those lots that are brilliant in skating then why not up your game by replacing the ground with ice and accordion lessons and become the part of this beautiful and expressive sport that is figure skating.

The sport being so popular and annual in the United States and Europe also offers the figure skaters immense opportunities to travel and discover the latest moves that other international figure skaters are proudly exhibiting in the ice ring.

Figure sporting is more than the pretty little dresses and makeup, it is the sport that provides an excellent platform to the skaters to express their ways through music and moves whether mixing it with salsa or dancing on jazz there is music that will match the pace with your moves and the crowds will not stop cheering.

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