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The land where you witness a numerous heads full of dreams, hearts dancing on the fast life beats, eyes envisioning the prosperities and miseries, yet never losing that core sparkle in the eye, it is the eminent land of Mumbai, not only holding tight the turbulent water bodies across all sides but also the diehard endeavor of the people residing. It is said that Mumbai is not a place it’s a feeling. Maybe it’s true because the way it is positioned tells us all about it: Mumbai, situated in Mumbai is a huge masterpiece holding seven islands altogether, embracing the seawater around all corners, which makes a lovely coastal breeze extending the love, fitting in the centre like an oasis, and attracting Souls from all the walks of life. Known for The perfect combination of chaos and harmony Loudness and subtleness Rapid motion and still coasts.

Although the life of Mumbaikars seems like eat sleep work repeat there is a lot more to it.

Known as the hub of opportunities, Mumbai has been welcoming all the immigrants who venture their life using their talents. Yeah for the Indians this is the dream place to reside in, it’s their future, their vision.

The city is now commercialised and looked up to by people of India for expansion and development of every other business. It’s also known to be an ideal place for glamour and fame, and hence most of the film stars of Bollywood reside in Mumbai. Every day a new dream incepts in this city, every day a there is a rise in the competition, while the chances play real hard on the strugglers, who wouldn’t stop trying to meet their ends, their ambitions probably that is why Mumbai is the busiest city in the country. Can you believe the entire population day in and day out, heading towards their goals, emitting vibes of passion, every morning you see around thousands of suns rising, look around and you will see an emissive bunch of people scurrying towards their destination? the transportation in Mumbai lays out like a painting on a canvas, from the railway to the rickshaws, there is no single mode of transport that boards and lodges empty. And unless you haven’t experienced the fast life of Mumbai locals and the traffic jams, you have missed out an interesting deal .the Mumbai local trains have a daily 70 lakh commuters, travelling only by train. Its not less than any rollercoaster ride. The peak hours offer you a sight to tremble at. while the stations seem as fast and busy than anything else, the stillness of the traffic jam, on the contrary, is a major part of the rapidness. In spite of the bombast in seven stations, where quite a large number of lives were lost, the localities did not stop travelling by trains. The compartments were as crumpled and crowded as they were before.So there is a lot to undergo for the Mumbaikars along with the opportunities they get. People here do have to compromise on comfort But the compromises are worth it.

 The streets of Mumbai is a sum of the fancies as well as austerity. The streets are usually overloaded with numerous activities, difficult to be captured casually. While on hand you would see the vendor wandering with carts of flowers fruits and much more stuff, selling their things, on the other side you would find lavishly tailored shops in a row. you would find a commemoration of happiness being celebrated, with a set of people stepping towards the small shops, bracing the grounds like the verandahs while a few entering with pride in the s shops characterised by extravagance. On the side, you would see the youth throwing themselves to the counterculture, while the other corner of the find the beggar kids striving to fill their need gaps. To the right: dream house residencies, to the, left the wide slums enlivening the landscapes of the city. On a side, you would find a man with monochromatic emotions, sitting lonely in a bar, using all his money for the drinks, at the same time you would see the beggar kid having the time of their lives rejoicing in the rain. In spite of such odds, the city is spellbindingly full of life and colours. That’s not all, the Mumbai street food will definitely get anyone drooling. The street food what you have here vada pav is one of a kind. Ranging from the famous vada pav to the south Indian cuisines, the street food of Mumbai wont upset you. because its  much more than just food, it is food experiences, it is the real taste of Mumbai.

Pondering over The beauty of the sea coats and beaches in Mumbai nothing could stop you from getting an adreline rush. The worli seaface, nariman point queensnecklace, bandstand, juhu chowpatty beach are the significant boundaries of the city  along which you can have your best promenade and the best time. With the tidal waves bfore you and the breeze and people and vehicles around forms a wonderful seaside setting which enraptures the citizens so much that they feel like giving a long pause to the time and settling in those moments for a little more while.

Be it any season, festival or events, the mumbaikars celebrate all of them with a bang. From Diwali to id to Christmas, you would find each festival celebrated with equal enthusiasm and participation. No one is rejected for what they are and everyone coexists peacefully and perhaps that is what truly expected from a city like Mumbai.

Mumbai has the best of structures like the Taj and the Asia’s largest slum Dhobi ghat existing within the same city. People do not marvel at the infrastructure. People marvel not at the lavish streets, or The sophistication of a beautiful sights but they marvel at the beauty of its diversification. Infrastructure and fashion are too mainstream and easy to catch your attention. But it’s not a small deal for any city’s culture to grab your attention at the richness of its diversity Of course there are pros and cons everywhere and it may not be the best built city in the world but what’s interesting is that inspite of the heavy mixture of the creme and backward class the best and the worst endroits, it’s still termed as numero uno and Is the heart of India!


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