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Scientists at the Boston University have found a new protein, PorB, on the exterior of bacteria, namely neisseria meningidis. It is believed that it can help in providing more immunity against life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, HIV, and influenza.

Researchers purified the protein and accessorised the existing vaccinations with purified PorB in order to drive better results.

Vaccine refers to biological preparations that give immunity to fight the diseases. It contains an agent which matches the disease-causing microorganism and the vaccination is made from the killed forms of the same microorganism, or its proteins and toxins. Moreover, any vaccination works in two ways i.e. it either produces antibody in great amount or it stimulates cytotoxic T cells, which directly kills the offending agent. However, PorB can do both of them and this is what makes it unique.

Proteins are vital for any living organism. They belong to the group of nitrogenous organic compounds which consist of large molecules and they are formed by one or more chains of amino acids.

The research may give a better understanding of how well a vaccine enhancers work and can be put to use in the best way possible. The study conducted by scientists is really helpful because it specifies that vaccine will not only help the body in identifying the bacterial infections and fight them but will also help the body in building immune system on its own and fight diseases such as cancer, influenza, and HIV before they find their way to your body.

When questions were asked about research and methodology used, it was told that scientists used two models to conduct the experiment. In the first model, vaccination was given with antigen and mixed PorB, whereas, in the second model, the only antigen was given. The difference in the results of the two models was that in the case of first model i.e. where PorB was given; there was more response to the antigen vaccine. Augmentation of activated cells in the lymph nodes and more production of the cytotoxic T cells was the proof for the same.

As per the researcher, when the antigen is given with PorB, it triggers a course of cellular events in the lymphoid tissue and at the periphery, which is critical for establishing protection to a broad array of diseases containing infections like influenza and for other diseases such as cancer.

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