No longer will the women wearing headgears have to face away from basketball

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The ban that was on the women not being able to participate in basketball due to the reason that they covered their heads with scarf or hijabs has been removed by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The women now have the choice just like every player in the world to participate in the professional play of basketball irrespective of how they dress. The central board of the organization approved the proposal and the latest norm was officially confirmed during the midterm Congress of FIBA.

All the members of the board were in favor of the proposal and decided it was time to put it into motion. It then created a proposal that detailed as to how the headgear could be safely worn in the competition.

It was formerly believed that the traditional code of dressing for the girls as asked by some countries, including the covering of the full body and head, the hijab could fall off during the game time, and that could pose a potential risk to the players.

However, the perspective has now changed and the headgear needs to meet specific criteria so that it can be approved to be worn at the time of the game. This will help prevent the incident of the fall of the headgear. The few criteria that the headgear has to meet are:

  • The headgear must cover partial or the full face of the player.
  • The headgear must not be a danger to the one wearing it or to the other players.
  • The headgear must not have any piece extruding from the surface.

This alteration in the rule was the result of the intense social media campaign, whose aim was to overturn the ban that was instated two years ago.

The hijab is just a headscarf that is worn by Muslim women as a part of their religion and devotion to God and banning someone’s passion or keenness to play over it just seemed a little insensitive. Therefore, after many other sports including football and weightlifting, putting into effect that the women could wear the religious headscarf or any other clothing that is in accordance with their religion, FIBA also formed this new rule.

This change in the norms of the sports has now made it easier for the women to follow their passions and dreams. The acceptance of the wears will not benefit the today’s generation but also the younger ones to follow.

In true sense, the change brought into motion by FIBA is a loud and clear message to the world that no individual be it from any part of the world should be deprived of his or her right to play and participate in the ways that he or she dresses up.

The new rule is the validation of the fact that no human should be discriminated on the grounds of gender, faith or belief.

Now, the only thing the Muslim girls have to worry about in basketball is how to play the game.

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