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In the current economic climate, a number of companies have been known for canceling market research projects. In cases, a company has determined correctly that the price of completion of the survey within the parameters which are needed for actionable data is not possible in the present budget. There is no clarity on these factors, which aids in determining the cost of the project. The incidence rates are known to be one of the most integral cost considerations in order to determine online market research surveys:

Influence of incidence rate

The incidence rate contributes to being the percentage of respondents who are known to qualify for the completion of a research study. Most of the vendors have gained high prominence for the price of awards and incidence rates into quoted cost for every complete which is known as cost per interview (CPI), cost per complete (CPC). The price is higher if the incidence rates are lower.

From the cost perspective, online market research survey is much different from random digit dialing or RDD phone surveys. Here, the general population is called randomly. The incidence rate contributes to being the percentage of respondents who will be qualifying. There are several survey panels which have an ample amount of information cells of panelists which can target in advance participants who will be qualifying for participation. Owing to this, there is a significant saving in the costs.

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In order to reduce incidence rate studies, you can ask the vendor whether the target chosen is pre- identified. You should keep in mind that some vendors will be listing a select as being identified as the vendors are aware that it can reach the specific select via general population. Wide variation in quoted CPI is recognized to be evident in B2B market research surveys.

Incidence rates and questionnaire design

Choosing the specific criteria for respondent qualification along with the working present on associated screening questionnaire contributes to being a critical element of a project, specifically lower incidence studies. Differences in qualification requirements are known to have significant cost impact at times. Every screener can have varied costs which depend on the requirement of the screening twice or four times on a yearly basis. While the objective of the survey is reaching the targeted audience which can confer the best feedback, there is some flexibility to define the screening criteria.


You should be reviewing the specific goals of the study with the statistician or questionnaire design expert of the vendor for determining the available options to define respondent criteria which can lead to a reduction in the price but can produce actionable data.

Incidence rate testing and survey hosting

There are a number of online market research companies which offer survey hosting services. They provide incidence rate testing at almost no fees. The client will be capable of determining how many complete will be fitting within the budget, what changes are required in respondent qualifications for enhancing incidence rate.


You should reap the benefit of Online Market Research Survey in case the study is lower incidence and the incidence rate is not certain.

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