Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

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The holiday season is full of family dinners, visitors and holiday parties. Certainly, these jubilant events mean some distress for your carpets, upholstery, and flooring.

Merrymaking and family events may lead to carpet spills and loads of traffic on your flooring. Red wine, cranberry sauce, gravy, coffee, dessert chocolates as well as hot chocolate are valued by all but may leave behind unpleasant stains on your carpet.

When holidays end, it’s time for the post-holiday carpet cleaning.

Post-holiday carpet cleaning is less challenging. Here are certain tips.

Clean the stains right away

When those certain spills take place, spare a moment to deal with them right away. Dab it with a small amount of vinegar and warm water, but avoid wiping the stain, that will make it spread. Quick action is likely to eliminate the unappealing nature of the spill. After the holidays are over, have a professional carpet cleaning firm come in and perform the deep cleaning.

Cross-check the furniture upholstery

Have a look if there’re any upholstery stains. With the visitors at home during holidays, upholstery can take a beating. Stains upon your upholstery can be a bit tough to tackle. You’ll obviously want to consider a professional carpet cleaning firm to look after these stains.

Cleaning the guest room

Nothing is better than having family stay with you over the holidays, but after they returned to their homes, it’s time to deep clean the guest rooms, encompassing changing the sheets, dusting, vacuuming the room as well as wiping the surfaces. Your bathrooms and washrooms also need deep cleaning. Clean the surfaces in your bathrooms. With all that traffic, it might be the time to clean your tile and grout.


Professional carpet cleaning can aid prevent numerous grave issues. Among these issues is lessening or removing dust mite infestations. Most homes are infested with dust mites, still, the home-owners are not aware that these microscopic creatures have taken over the carpet. Dust mites are considered as a major source of allergens and professionals own the tools and products needed to lessen or remove such infestations. Additionally, carpets run a high risk of developing mold. This is particularly true in the case of areas with high humidity levels. Regular carpet cleaning can help preclude the development of mold in your carpet.

Carpets can be an investment, so it’s essential to guard that investment by appropriately caring for your carpet. Regular maintenance and cleanings by a professional will help you attain more than just a good appearance. It will help to make certain that your home is clean, fresh and healthy.

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