Role Of ECBC Compliance Play In Smart Cities Of India

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Energy Conservation Building Code or ECBC has attained a great level of significance in recent times. Since the introduction of the code, several efforts have been made for its right implementation in smart cities. ECBC compliance has a great role to play in smart cities because these cities witness the maximum amount of pollution and environment degradation. Additionally, the pace of construction in such cities is rapid. Buildings constructed based on ECBC compliance are energy efficient and consume lesser load. There has been a rapid change in the building industry and there is an urgent need for ECBC compliance. The Energy Conservation Building Code aims to reduce the carbon footprint by implementing energy-efficient construction techniques. ECBC is not just applicable for residential constructions but can also be implemented for IT parks, commercial buildings, medical centres, shopping malls, etc. ECBC compliance in the construction sector has set guidelines for architects and developers too. Check out what role does ECBC compliance play in smart cities.

Saves energy and costs

ECBC compliant buildings are energy-efficient and therefore, reduce the consumption of energy. The efficient use of resources is not just beneficial for the environment but is also helpful for cost-cutting in the long run. When less energy is consumed it automatically saves the costs. This works best for urban areas where the cost of living is high. Additionally, the standards set by the ECBC are applicable on a global level too.

Increased awareness of energy conservation

Smart cities often bear the consequences of rapid development. With the rise in greenhouse gases, there is an urgent need to make the masses aware of energy conservation. The implementation of ECBC guidelines in the construction industry has raised awareness among the investors too.

Improvement in designing and construction techniques

The introduction of energy-efficient materials has also led to a change in the designing and construction techniques. This has improved the designing practices and has also led to the introduction of low power consuming technologies.

ECBC compliance has led to an increase in the scope of green construction in smart cities.

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