The Skateboard School in Sweden alters the academic structure!

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The notions that the schools are only meant for learning and studying subjects through books are universal and are present in the entire world. It has been taught for centuries that the traditional academic curriculum is essential for the success in life, and devoting the same time to the personal interests will be counteractive in attaining the scholastic goals. Many of the youngsters who might be more interested in arts or in other creative activities are often not given the opportunity because the only thing that matters in academia is to learn a subject or art that will get them a job for stable financial future.

Bryggeriets Gymnasium located in Malmo, Sweden is one of the unique schools which are a self-proclaimed skateboard high school. It fosters creative spirit and fortitude which is the core part of being a skateboarder. The vice principal as well as the skating teacher of Bryggeriets, John Dahlquist states the reasons that make the school the yardstick against which all the future schools will be measured:

  • The school in Sweden is free and it runs as a non-profit NGO. It takes utter care of the passions of the aspiring skateboarders. The open-mindedness that the faculty has towards the various kinds of education is the chief point that attracts even the skeptical parents to visit the school.
  • The national curriculum for the high schools is applicable to the skateboard high student which means that scoring well in every regular or traditional course is mandatory.
  • A regular day at the school encompasses the five different classes which include mathematics, Swedish, social science, English, and more. The same schedule runs for a week dissimilar to the timetable that changes per day in the schools of America. The skate classes are conducted two days in a week in the afternoon.
  • The students from this school will have a little time in adjusting to the norms of the traditional school because here at this school the preferences, interests, and passion of the students are given the top most.

Skateboarding is now an official sport and is going to be the part of the 2020 Olympics. This proves that no sport whether small or big is meaningless.

The motto of the school gives the clear message that they want the students to bring to the schools their passions and interests and not be distracted when they have to study the regular subjects. Therefore, it is safe to say that this school in Sweden is a hope that the traditional schools too will realize and offer their students the platform for displaying and practicing their field of interest.

Bryggeriets Gymnasium is an opportunity as well as a blessing in disguise for the students who adore skateboarding and want more and more time to practice the art.

This can be your chance to get yourself trained and equipped with skateboarding tricks and take a step forward to becoming the first Olympic skateboarder.

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