The state of emergency in Brazil comes to an end for Zika Virus!

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After 18 long months, the state of Brazil puts an end to the public health emergency caused due to Zika virus. The mosquito-borne outbreak was not considered as the chief threat to the health till the year 2015, the year in which the virus resulted in the acknowledgement of the matter that Zika could lead to stern defects in birth. One of those severe defects, namely, microcephaly, leads to the infants to be born with the skulls that are much smaller than the average size.

The pictures of the infants with smaller skulls caused panic in the western hemisphere and all across the globe. It is because the virus threat was reported in many countries. Most of the travellers with the plan to visit Brazil and to other countries with zika infection cancelled their trips.

It was announced for the expecting women to avoid travelling to such places by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The concerns about the zika threat got magnified when the doctors stated that the virus could be transmitted to the other person in the course intimacy.

The zika scare came during the time when Brazil was in preparation to host the Olympics of 2016, which raised the possibilities that the game could lead to the spread of the virus. A Spanish windsurfer claimed to have caught the virus when she was training in the country ahead of the Olympics.

As a response to the health scare, Brazil instigated the mosquito-annihilation campaign. The health ministry of Brazil said that efforts of the campaign have helped in reducing the zika virus considerably.

Since January to mid of the month of April, the health ministry has recorded 95 lesser cases as compared to the same duration of the last year. The occurrence of microcephaly has dropped as well. The World Health Organization, on the other hand, raised its own world health emergency in the month of November, along with saying that the Zika virus was far from not being a threat.

The end of the state of heath emergency does not in any way indicate the stop to assistance or surveillance to the families that have been affected. The Ministry of health and the other organizations included in the area of zika virus will continue with maintaining the policy of fighting against the viruses of Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue.

All of the above-mentioned diseases are transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito. However, after such measures, the World Health Organization has announced that the Zika virus is not going anywhere soon, even though the reported number of the virus cases have fallen, the battle against zika will be an ongoing one.

The virus threat announced by the Brazilian doctor, Adriana Melo, adds that even though the state of emergency has been stopped due to the fewer reported number of cases, the only thing that truly is important to remember are the victims and to take the measures that could prevent the next breakout.

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