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Do you love fashion? Of course, you do! After all, that’s why you came here to read this. Are you in love with every latest fashion trend that hits the vogue cover page! Do you spend all your day surfing around the various fashion blogs with the craziest of fashion trends? And you just can’t ignore the online fashion sale. Do clothes inspire you and give you a reason to be happy, stay alive and look awesome all the time! Then you might have a name which is you are not aware of yet! You are a ‘modiphile, a person who is always interested in fashion. Whether it’s kylies latest makeup range launch or Kangana Ranaut’s latest summer collection 2017, they just can’t go missing from your mail drop box because you have already subscribed everywhere for the latest fashion news! Isn’t it?

To begin with, fashion is something that has evolved itself tremendously and people are just going gaga about it and managed to make some bold fashion statements around the world. Fashion is anywhere and everywhere. Fashion since years has managed to occupy grand space in everyone’s life these days. Youngsters are hitting the roads and public places with some quirky colour combinations and outfits. It is no longer something one looks up to inside the television screens and wonders if they could ever be able to wear it. Thanks to the online shopping with millions of styles and combinations from different brands and designers we can now choose anything and within a few days, it’s delivered! Yay!

 Fashion years ago!

 The origin of fashion is still not clearly known, we can say it began in the period of 1600-1650 in western European clothing style. Moving towards the 19th century to the Charles Fredrick Worth who was the first designer who sews his name on his creation, years ago fashion was not a “public thing” it was more of a “celebrity thing”, which is limited in its approach. Only the ones who can afford to wear it could flaunt it. It is also used for portraying different ideological ideas regarding various social issues but most of the times to display one’s fancy and swishy side.

What is Fashion in the contemporary world?

Do I really need to answer this one! I am sure almost all of you who is reading this right now is a Fashionista in every true sense. No offence but are you sure you are fashionable did you just miss out the new fashion trend on the internet? That’s what fashion has become now! Every day and every second a new fashion trend is invented, and people are going crazy over it

Woman and fashion

Fashion defines woman! The bond between the two is enduring and unbelievably ecstatic. FASHION is the most important weapon through which she presents and portrays herself in front of the society with courage, confidence and strength whether be the most complex of the outfit gracefully and effortlessly making it appear to be the most glamorous than the rest.

Looking at the contemporary wind of fashion seems like fashion blogging is the most rapidly growing industry having millions of worth and will stay for a long time.

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