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It is amazing to acknowledge the technology that surrounds the human world today. It is truly outstanding to be in the possession of the power to get hands on any information that one wants to know within a matter of seconds and carry loads of data and details in a small device that can fit into the jeans’ pockets easily.

There is always some fresh invention around the corner which makes everyone wonder what more is bound to make an appearance in the near or far future.

The technologies that have made a huge impact on human lives in the year 2017 are:

  • AR and VR: The major steps of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already been witnessed in the year 2016. Pokemon Go is one of the best examples. The market is ready for the sophisticated and powerful AR and VR technologies.
  • Machine learning: Machine learning has progressed rather rapidly in the past few years. It was expected by 2017 that the machine learning algorithms will be present in every consumer applications and with its presence in Google search engine algorithm, it can be said that it is off to a great start.
  • Humanized big data: Big data, a big topic in the discussion for the last five years will help the humans in planning everything from the accessible data like executing effective marketing campaigns and much more. In 2017, the humanized big data have been expected to seek empathetic as well as qualitative bits of projecting and data in a much more accessible and visualized manner.
  • Everything-on-demand: With Uber’s get the cab as soon as you place the request, humans want everything to be made available to them on demand. In 2017, it has been seen that many new and existing apps have emerged as the ground to see to it that people get everything on demand. For instance, Amazon including grocery delivery.

The era of the 21st century is that of technological revolution, from everything to the remote of the television to the oven in the kitchen is the part of technological advancements and developments.

With every New Year, every enterprise and big brands launch exceptionally new products and services or the better version of the existing product and services in the market.

Like, the company Apple launches the new i-phone, the acquisition of which seems crucial to everyone.

In 2017, Motorola has also launched its new Motorola Z2 Play; similarly, the DSLR keeps on advancing and changing its feature to offer additional functionality and more clarity in the captured pictures.

The smartphones with the better camera have been launched like Vivo V5 Plus.

The human lives now run on technology and the fact that there is always something cooking up or more appropriately manufacturing in one of the high-tech laboratories or in a start-up garage is hard to ignore.

2017, proved to be the new benchmark in the years of technological advancement and there are still five more months to go and who knows what tech field development will capture all the attention.

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