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“Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need to play sports” – Kapil Dev

The concept of playing sport have evolved with time, beginning from the time when it was boy oriented sector now the girls are also coming up with an enthusiastic attitude and flourishing in the same.

Sports is simply important

Sport is a necessity in one’s life. Why? It keeps you active and energetic and gives you a chance to recreate. It brings life to your dull and monotonous times and gives you a chance to feel alive.

Benefits of sports

  • Brings stability and energy in your life
  • Essential to maintaining health and physical fitness
  • Provides mental peace
  • Pushes forward the growth of team spirit
  • Makes you stronger physically and mentally as well
  • A good way of stimulating your learning power


Talking about sports and games played outside in the fields how many of us often do that now? I am sure the number is very few. That’s because it’s the time of smartphones where they only want to stick to their phones scrolling up down on the screen and peeking into others life when unknowingly they are ruining their own. Outdoor games are very important for the healthy growth of our body because our body works in a particular manner and for that it needs fuel. Sports, in one’s life, play the role of a fuel that their body needs for proper functioning. Outdoor games like cricket, hockey, football, baseball, basketball are very popular. The craze for FIFA and world cup cricket matches has been seen all over the word now especially among the youngsters.


Playing sports all by itself is one thing but playing sports in school is an altogether different thing. With an increasing number of technological maniacs, sports should be compulsory in all the schools. Beginning from their strict weekly timetable with rare games period to their tight tuitions schedules when home, students rarely get time to play. They should put a light on such important issues.


Sports is equal for all, with a strict set of rules in a game it sees no time and no gender. In this area, the sports instructor plays an essential role to one can look up to for inspiration and guidance. Bollywood as well has shifted their interest from love triangle movies towards making realistic inspirational movies and the audience also gives a positive response with lots of afterthoughts.

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