Is Your Thought Leadership Strategy Using Research in a Wise Manner?

In General

In accordance with CMI, almost 57% of marketers have the wrong notion that original search happens to be an effective content strategy. To be precise, a significant amount of what is passed for research contributes to being a small cut above the survey monkey experiment which is led by a summer intern. However, in order to gain success with the aid of original research, you should use thought leadership strategy along with robust original research.

Here lies the difference between thought leadership provoking versus thought leadership. An ample amount of it is similar to term paper in school. Though you have evidence that you have knowledge about the stuff, you are certainly not challenging status or providing any viewpoint.

Move beyond show off

The strategies are not about proving how intelligent you are to the customers. You need to move beyond showing off and provide something worth the value. It is essential to bring thought leadership strategies to customers which are useful in the identification of trends which will be coming 2 to 3 years in the future and let them address the requirements now instead of later when course corrections count to burn a hole in your pocket.

Making use of analyst for staying ahead of the trends

A person who produces content for the C-level audience in a specific field has a prerequisite understanding of the stuff. For teaching something valuable and new to the executive audience, it takes deeper intelligence, access to specific data along with a bevy of talented writers as well as the keen eye to an analyst. In accordance with Steiner, the best people who assist in looking into the crystal ball count to be industry analysts. As you work with a wide number of analysts, you will be capable of identifying and qualifying trends in a specific way which is meaningful to the customers.

You need to find the right analysis for partnering with for the creation of the most powerful content. The marketing group should be working closely with them along with the sales group for understanding customers and the specific pain points.

Unique positioning of content

The End of Profitability counts to be the most successful research report in the past few years. As you reply on the original research as well as analyst interviews, the report of telecom research company discusses the highest threats of the telecom profits and how the companies bend the curve for forestalling the end of profitability.

It is indispensable to provide content of higher value. As you have content of higher value, you will be capable of doing something that other marketers can only think of doing. You can make use of the content for having one on one or in-person conversation.

After completion of an original research report, the company has been able to find the funding to the sales force in the form of slide deck which is an executive summary along with a full report. This confers sales team time for sharing with the customers as well as prospects prior to releasing of the research in a wide way.


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