Treatment Options To Ease The Symptoms Of Dercum’s Disease

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Dercum’s disease is a rare disorder that has no specific treatment method. In this disorder, there is a painful growth of fatty tissues under the skin called lipomas. Though this disorder can affect any part of the body, it usually targets the upper arms and upper legs. This condition is known to cause severe pain. The exact cause of Dercum’s disease is still not known but medial experts suggest that this disorder may be caused due to an autoimmune disorder. Some research studies also suggest that a mutated fat gene can cause the disorder. Additionally, the detection of this disorder is also quite tricky because there are no specific tests to know about the onset of the condition. The medical expert may conclude about the presence of Dercum’s disease only when all the other disorders having similar signs and symptoms are eliminated. Dercum’s disease treatment in San Diego can help in controlling the symptoms. Here are some treatment options to ease the symptoms of Dercum’s disease.

Surgical treatments

In some cases, the patient may need surgical treatment for the removal of fatty tissues. This can also help in reducing the pain. Though this treatment method is not full-proof, it can guarantee some relief. In serious cases, the lipomas grow back even after the surgery. The liposuction procedure can also help in pain reduction and removal of fatty tissues.

Pain management techniques

There are pain management techniques that are non-invasive. These techniques can help control the symptoms of Dercum’s disease to a certain extent. These days massage techniques are widely preferred for pain management. See to it that you rely only on certified therapists.

Physical exercise

Regular physical activity can help increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles. This also helps the body heal which can lessen the pain. Before starting with any exercise routine, it is necessary to consult your medical guide. Regular exercises can have a positive impact on the patient’s mental health too.

Dercum’s disease treatment in San Diego is carried out by well-experienced medical professionals.

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