Ways to Make your 1 BHK Homes Look Spacious

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Space is one thing most homeowner love to have. However, dealing with space constraints at home can be a terrible task. For those of you owning a 1 BHK, this sure becomes challenging.

If you wish to make your 1 BHK look more spacious, here are a few ideas you can try!

Opt for multiple utility furniture

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to save space in the 1 BHK flat for sale in Vile Parle East you are planning to purchase. From a sofa cum bed to beds that also holds storage space, there is a lot of furniture that can be found to save space and give you the benefit of both, or more if you are fortunate. You can choose the furniture depending on the space you have within your home.

Choose the right upholstery

No matter what space, the right upholstery matters. Be sure to choose ones that match your walls, your furnishings, and all other items visible at your homes to give a lovely contrast. Also, be sure to use colours that offer an illusion of space to your homes.

Avoid bulky accessories

Bulky accessories are a sure no-no when it comes to homes that are cramped. A 1 BHK that has all of your stuff, from beds and sofas to wardrobes and more may already take up enough space to leave none for other items. Make sure you avoid bulky accessories at all cost and opt for ones that take up less space or offer multiple uses.

Add mirrors to your rooms

Did you know, placing a mirror in your home can make the room look bigger due to the reflection? It is sure to make your space look charming all at the same time. Be sure to add ones with vintage carvings to give the home a surreal look.

Add greenery

Another way to give your home the appearance of space is to add greenery to your home. You can place a few potted plants or creepers in every room to give it a pleasant feel. The home is sure to look brighter with a bit of green in it. 

These can surely help in making your 1 BHK look a bit more grand and spacious, giving you the ideal dream home to live in!

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