Why are Lip Injections Getting Popular in Melbourne

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There are many cosmetic treatments around to enhance different aspects of our personality, and not to forget confidence. And one among these happens to be lip fillers, also known as lip injections in Melbourne.  A Cosmopolitan article surmised that they are almost as common as getting hair highlights, and we’re here to tell why we are not surprised!

Lip injections are used to enhance the look of your lips by adding more volume, shape, and balance to the lips and their surrounding areas.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this treatment has taken the form of a boon for those who have always not been happy with their lips – either them being too thin or being asymmetrical. Having deliciously bootilicious lips has become a beauty standard, with Insta selfies and billboards all showing us how good they look. With lip fillers, it is now possible to actually get the lips you desire, and that too, without having to go under the knife.

How do lip injections work?

Lip injections are a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. These injections are loaded with lip fillers, which are then strategically injected into the lips and surrounding areas with a blunt needle called a cannula. This helps to add more volume while maintaining their natural look. Now there are many different types of fillers used, but most Melbourne clinics use hyaluronic acid in their lip fillers, as this is naturally broken down by the body over time without any side effects. But it is not enough to just use the right type of lip fillers, it is also crucial that it is injected in the right places in the right proportion, else you might end up having a constant ‘duck pout’. And this is why you must spend enough time and effort in finding the right aesthetician or clinic for your lip job.

How to choose the right clinic for your lip injections in Melbourne?

For a start, you must check the credibility of the clinic and the experience of the team. Look up their credentials online and their affiliations to Cosmetic Surgery boards in the country. Another good thing to do would be to check their patient feedback and references. Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic is one of the reputed clinics for lip injections in Melbourne. They even offer a no-obligation consultation for those interested in cosmetically enhancing their beauty.

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